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Written by Aleksandra Dimitrova
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Testing animal non-contact thermometers on healthy horses

Having a rapid method for obtaining reliable body temperature measurements is essential. The “golden standard” for measurement of body temperature in veterinary medicine and the most frequently used method is via rectal temperature. This is the method thought to be most reliable and most accurate. However, it is invasive, dangerous and time consuming. 

A non-contact infrared thermometer can provide non-invasive method for performing daily health checks whilst keeping the examiner safe. It is a passive, fast and easy way of obtaining temperature readings. It can also minimise the risk of disease transmission. As the method requires minimal handling, the procedure is rapid and stress free, which can be essential when working with uncooperative or restless animals. Therefore, it has many benefits for both veterinarians and horse owners in general and further research should be conducted on the Rycom device.

Expert opinion by Aleksandra Dimitrova

Having a non contact, non invasive method of obtaining horses temperature can have a lot of benefits. Therefore further reasearch should be carried out. Results from this study are promising and show the NCIT can be reliable in clinicaly healthy horses.

> From: Carter et al., VNJ 34 (2019) 96-101. All rights reserved to © 2019 British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA). Click here for the online summary.

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