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Myofascial kinetic lines in horses - the unexplored tissue

The myofascial kinetic lines in the horses body provide an anatomical foundation for an improved understanding of locomotion. One in which the whole body is seen in a holistic way in contrast to the common way of describing the action of single muscles. The study provides a clearer understanding and impression of the interactions that exist throughout the whole body.

In science very little attention has been paid to the connections between muscles, myofascia and facia.However muscles are not isolated but should be seen as collagenous linkages to adjacent myofascial structures. These musculair chains are already described in humans but not yet in horses. The aim of this study was to reveal the inter-connective functionality of the locomotory system of the horse. For this cause 26 horses were dissected.

Seven lines where identified by the researchers. The lines where found to be very similar to the human lines described by Thomas Myers. Also interconnections between lines where found.

These lines can be used to explain how a biomechanical problem in one region can spread to another part of the body. The Superficial dorsal line, superficial ventral line and the lateral line seem to outline and balance the body in horizontal en vertical planes. The spiral line and the functional line appear to control the spinal rotation of the body. Furthermore the Front limb lines and the Deep front line are described in the study.

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Image by: Sødring Elbrønd