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Written by Els Smet
Posted in Physiotherapy

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Equine rehabilitation therapy for joint diseases

Physiotherapy is often used with people with joint conditions such as osteoarthritis, capsulitis, bursitis or tendonitis. Physical agents, such as ice, range of motion exercises, and laser can be used to control pain, reduce swelling, and restore optimal movement and function. This research investigates different modalities and their effect on horses with joint problems.

By using a combination of the joint disease therapy such as those described above, a decrease in pain and swelling can be found, as well as to control the damage in the joint and improve or maintain the functional status.

Expert opinion by Els Smet

It is important that further therapy should focus on improving muscle function so the horse can once again use its body in a balanced manner, thereby reducing compensatory injuries.

> From: Porter, Vet Clin Equine 21 (2005) 599-607. All rights reserved to Elsevier. Click here for the online summary.

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