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Els Smet

BSc Physiotherapy 
BSc Animal Physiotherapy (2018-2020) 
My passion for horses started in junior school. Since then I was busy trying to gain more knowledge about training horses and how they move. I was also particularly interested in how I could improve myself physically to become a better rider. Therefore I decided to study physiotherapy. I started studying animal physiotherapy in April 2018. 
Apart from my studies, I have also given riding lessons to a large variety of people. I was on the board of ESRV Concorde, the student riding society of Eindhoven, which was an enriching experience. I hope that by writing articles I am able to share knowledge about different aspects of horses and their riders.


Muscle strain injuries of the hindlimb in horses. 07 Aug 2019 Hock and Crus
Effects of a calm companion on fear reactions. 14 Jul 2019 Articles
Breathing strategy of the adult horse. 27 May 2019 Physiology
Pressure algometry and diagnostic palpation. 22 Apr 2019 Other
Postural changes due to tape in riders 25 Mar 2019 Taping
Equine rehabilitation therapy for joint diseases 05 Mar 2019 Physiotherapy
Effect of therapeutic riding on posture in children with CP 21 Feb 2019 Rider fitness
Effects of repeated regrouping on behaviour and injuries 13 Feb 2019 Social behavior
Self-Esteem Assessment of Adolescents Involved with horses 23 Jan 2019 Rider fitness
Investigating horse-human interactions and nervousness 08 Jan 2019 Influence of the rider
Training methods for fearfull horses 23 Dec 2018 Response to training
The effect of blindfolded horse riding simulation on balance 11 Dec 2018 Rider fitness
Research about Rollkur, or low deep and round. 20 Nov 2018 Influence of the rider
The effect of head and neck positions on the spine. 28 Oct 2018 Gait analyses
The relationship between hindlimb lameness and saddle slip 15 Oct 2018 Gait analyses
Performance success in the competitive equestrian world 18 Sep 2018 Influence of the rider
The effects of training aids on the longissimus dorsi 05 Sep 2018 Exercise therapy
The effect of rider experience on jumping kinematics. 20 Aug 2018 Influence of the rider
The effect of added weight on horses jumping 05 Aug 2018 Biomechanics and training
Dominance and leadership between the horse and handler 23 Jul 2018 Social behavior
The effect of massage on the hindlimb muscles. 10 Jul 2018 Massage therapy
The Physics of Show Jumping 27 Jun 2018 Biomechanics and training
Horses can learn to use symbols to communicate 28 May 2018 Response to training
Different saddle pads and pressure on the horse's back. 23 May 2018 Saddlery
Patterns of injury of mounted and unmounted equestrians 30 Apr 2018 First Aid
The effect of saddle and weight on horses. 02 Jan 2018 Influence of the rider
Comparing rein tension in the dominant and non-dominant hand 17 Jul 2017 Influence of the rider
The effect of video feedback on riding 16 Jun 2017 Rider fitness
Head positions in elite dressage horses. 31 May 2017 Influence of the rider
How and When to Use Cryotherapy 01 May 2017 First Aid
The effect of cryotherapy applied in laminitis 11 Apr 2017 Equine athlete management & care
Effect of taping on postural characteristic of riders 30 Mar 2017 Rider fitness
Riding Simulator Training 07 Mar 2017 Influence of the rider
Poor performance and lameness in the sport horse 08 Feb 2017 Gait analyses
Anatomical differences between males and females and riding 25 Jan 2017 Influence of the rider
The effects of hippotherapy on strength, mobility and balance in elderly 11 Jan 2017 Rider fitness
A comparison of forces acting on the horse’s back during trot 04 Dec 2016 Influence of the rider
Manual therapy for the horse 20 Nov 2016 Manual therapy
Effects of mechanical horseback riding velocity on spinal alignment in young adults 31 Oct 2016 Rider fitness
Comparison of horse riding and trunk stability exercise on balance 17 Oct 2016 Rider fitness
Physiotherapy assessment in the equine athlete 02 Oct 2016 Manual therapy
Common overuse injuries in horse riders 17 Sep 2016 Rider fitness