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Written by Isabeau Deckers
Posted in Gait analyses

Image by: Hartpury University

Performance analysis in equestrian sport

The use of performance analysis is commonplace throughout competitive sports, however, uptake is limited within equestrianism. Performance analysis in sport aims to describe, explain and predict performance via identification of associations between sport specific behaviours (actions) and outcomes (performance goals) consecutively examining the influence of extrinsic variables.

Success in elite competition has followed the implementation of athlete selection schemes combined with the application of innovative performance analysis tools throughout training and competition, integrating nutritional, physiological and psychological assessment and management of athletes, and consistent engagement with leading researchers to embrace new technological advancements to inform equipment design and underpin training practices.

Oordeel van deskundige: Isabeau Deckers

This study presents opportunities for the equine industry, researchers and performance analysts to expand knowledge of what contributes to success for horse and rider partnerships in all equine disciplines. Awareness of the value of performance analysis to create sport-specific conditioning programmes for the equine athlete is growing together with knowledge and technology to integrate this. And this integration could mean a turning point in equestrian sports to optimise performances informed by research and practiced by a multidisciplinary team around the horse-rider dyad.

> Van: Williams, Comp Exerc Physiol. 9 (2013) 67-77. Alle rechten voorbehouden aan Jane Williams. Bekijk hier de online samenvatting van de publicatie. Vertaling door Isabeau Deckers.

Image by: Jane Williams