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Written by Isabeau Deckers
Posted in Physiology

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Factors associated with failure of racehorses to perform

Previous studies reported high non-run and non-placed rates, high incidence of injury and cost-ineffectiveness of 2-year-olds Thoroughbreds in flat-race training. This study confirmed these reports and described the role of athletic (in)abilities and injuries in it, such as sore shins, joint problems, inflammatory airway diseases, fractures and rhabdomyolysis.

Furthermore, this study notifies no significant alterations over the previous two decades in the levels of wastage (horses failing to train/ race/ win), nor in the incidence of specific veterinary problems within British flat-racing. Therefore, the authors of this study conclude that the racing industry might have to alter breeding or training management.

Expert opinion by Isabeau Deckers

This study gives us valuable information on the incidence numbers of wastage (horses failing to train/ race/ win) and on the incidence of specific veterinary problems. Furthermore, it stimulates the racing industry to reflect on its breeding and training management, as similar results were reported already in the previous two decades. Though, notice must be made on the date of this study and on the more recent research in the race industry, which indicates that more and more investigations are done to decrease the incidences of wastage and specific veterinary problems.

> From: Wilsher et al., Equine vet. J 38 (2006) 113-118. All rights reserved to Wilsher, S.. Click here for the online summary.

Image by: Horse Journals